How To Hang Projector Screen From Ceiling

How To Hang Projector Screen From Ceiling?

Setting a projector show on the ceiling desires to only be reserved for unique instances and this fashion of setup generally works first-rate at the same time as the display you are trying to put in boasts of a massive black border at the pinnacle, and it is able to be adjusted. In case you vicinity your projector show display screen up too high, you will lose the choice to persuade wherein the projected photograph will first be viewable.

You will additionally need to pick out what you need the projector display screen for. Often you need a projector to examine an HD film or deliver a PowerPoint presentation at artwork and you will need a projector that high-quality meets your requirements and suits your need.

However, striking a projector display has extraordinary advantages from the ceiling. For example, the display screen can be unobtrusive at the same time as now not in use.

And, if the show is motorized, it can be without issue and pretty honestly raised and lowered with some distance-off manipulation. Retractable projector presentations which are installed on the ceilings are impervious to harm and are lots much less crucial than wall projector shows.

Accommodate The Celling

After you are carried out making prepared for the projector show screen, now is the time to prepare the ceiling to mount your show display. With the assistance of a drill make holes within the ceiling.

For added ease, it is miles better to predrill earlier than beginning the setup device. It will assist to discover whether you may hit the ceiling joists or no longer.

If someway you do now not reach the stud, discover the distance between the hollow and stud with the assistance of a robust wire via the holes. After locating the stud, you may join greater screws to the stud. For this motive, you may use eyebolts or toggle bolts.

First Step

At first, you may require a ladder to choose out of the ceiling and so one can hold one quit of the projector display screen housing. Even at the ladder, you ought to use a stud sensor to discover the ceiling joists.

The drywall used to finish most ceilings is in fact not robust enough maintaining a projector display. Consequently, it is miles essential view to locate the wood ceiling joists, as they will offer the correct anchor for securely fastening the brackets to the ceiling.

Second Step

When you are performed finding the ceiling joists, you ought to take care to middle every bracket on every joist in order that the screws will nicely anchor the bracket.

Then, you need to mark the holes within the bracket wherein the screws will move and drill holes in them. At the same time as drilling, you should be cautious to preserve the drill inside the proper vertical feature to make sure that the screws will go in immediately.

Third Step

When you are finished drilling the holes, you want to use a screwdriver to safely fasten the bracket to the stud the usage of the screws furnished.

A good way to connect the opposite bracket to the ceiling and we might propose you replica the aforementioned steps all over again. While you connect the bracket to the ceiling on each of the edges, you can attach the projector display and case to the brackets.


Every now and then, the height of a conventional ceiling just proves to be perfect. However, it is also absolutely feasible for the peak of the ceiling to be too excessive.

If such instances stand up, you could use bracket extensions to supply the projector show and housing right down to a extra appropriate level. we would suggest you observe the instructions always of the manufacturer.

Installing The Projector Screen

After completing the above-cited obligations nicely, now go for putting in projector display screen from the ceiling.

On this step, you may need to take extra assist from someone to elevate the display screen to put in at the ceiling. After raising the display to the expected height, align eyebolts attached to the pre-drilled holes.

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