How To Connect A Speaker To A Projector

How To Connect A Speaker To A Projector?

I’ll guide you through every step of connecting a speaker to a projector in this article.

For optimal performance, you should use an external speaker because the majority of projectors, even high-end ones, typically include speakers of poorer quality.

To learn more about connecting a speaker to a projector, read this article.

Can speakers be connected to a projector?

While there are many different brands and kinds of video projectors available today, only a few of them have excellent speakers that are adequate for providing aural accompaniment for an exciting movie or presentation at work.

The majority of consumers strongly suggest the Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II due to its affordable pricing, Bluetooth compatibility, and powerful sound in a very portable design.

If purchasing a projector with built-in speakers is out of your price range, you may purchase decent Bluetooth speakers and pair them with your projector.

How are Speakers Connected to Projectors?

Each projector has a different variety of inputs and outputs. Commonly, the only speakers used with a basic projector setup are those incorporated into the device itself or speakers connected directly to the projector.

AUDIO/VIDEO receivers are typically used in more complex home theater systems to handle the visual end and provide the audio signal to the speakers.

The following connectors can be used to connect a projector and speakers:

RCA connections: Whether your projector includes RCA connectors, you may attach stereo speakers and only one cable is required per speaker.

Stereo audio jack: This port has been around for many years, is still present on many phones and is frequently used for headphones. A soundbar or a set of solo speakers may both receive stereo signals from a single 3.5mm TRRS connection.

Optical/TOSLINK: You may use a soundbar with your projector to enjoy surround sound if your projector has an optical or TOSLINK output. In comparison to an RCA or TRRS connection, this alternative often also offers better sound quality.

Bluetooth: There are no additional wires or parts to buy if your projector supports Bluetooth if you have a speaker with Bluetooth feature and there is a Wi-Fi connection. However, compared to the other methods, music through Bluetooth is often of inferior quality.

The best way to join a projector to stereo speakers

You will need to purchase a 3-5mm to 2x RCA stereo audio splitter if your projector only has a 3.5mm audio output and the speakers includes RCA inputs.

To determine what kind of audio connection the speakers utilize, you must also examine them. Separate left and right channel RCA connection is needed for the majority of these speakers.

The following describes how to connect a projector to stereo speakers:

  1. Place the speakers in the desired location, then plug them in or attach the batteries.
  2. Join an audio wire to one of your projector’s audio output choices.
  3. Join the speaker’s end of the wire to the other end.
  4. Change the projector’s volume.

The best way to join a projector to a soundbar

The process of attaching a projector to a soundbar is quite similar to stereo speakers, notwithstanding the possibility of an extra connection option which is an optical option like TOSLINK, soundbars usually provide a stereo audio connector and stereo RCA connections but if your soundbar and projector both support it, you should use an optical connection.

This will only not function if both your projector and soundbar have HDMI inputs and outputs.

The following describes the method to connect a projector to a soundbar:

  1. First, place the soundbar in the desired location and plug in the power.
  2. Then, join an audio wire to your projector’s output ports.
  3. Join the cable’s other end to your soundbar.
  4. Switch on the soundbar.
  5. Set the soundbar’s volume to your preferences.

The best way to connect a projector to a Bluetooth speaker

It is quick and simple to connect a Bluetooth speaker if your projector has that feature.

However, it is vulnerable to interference from other electronics and wireless gadgets, and the sound quality is typically worse than with a cable connection.

The following describes the method to connect a projector to a Bluetooth speaker:

  1. Switch on the Bluetooth speaker and enable pairing.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your projector and look for the speaker using the settings menu.
  3. Accept the connection and, if necessary, input the pairing code.
  4. In the future, when both devices are turned on, the speaker should immediately connect to the projector.

The best way to connect a projector to an A/V Receiver

AUDIO/VIDEO receiver may be used in many different ways with projectors and in a normal arrangement, all of your audio and video inputs are connected to the receiver, speakers are connected to the AUDIO/VIDEO receiver, and just the video is sent through HDMI to the projector.

In that configuration, the projector and AUDIO/VIDEO receiver are connected, but the speakers and projector are not connected directly.

The following describes the method to connect a projector to AUDIO/VIDEO receiver:

  1. You should use speaker wire or coaxial cables to connect all of your speakers to the receiver.
  2. Then attach the streaming devices, gaming consoles, CD or DVD players, Blu-ray players, or other input devices you want to use to your receiver as audio and visual sources.
  3. Connect an HDMI wire to one of the receiver’s video outputs.
  4. Connect the cable’s other end to the projector’s video input.
  5. Set the video output of the AUDIO/VIDEO receiver to your projector and the source to the chosen input.


Some even call for the use of extra equipment to serve as intermediaries between them and the speakers, such as a Bluetooth adapter or audio cable.

Keep in mind that the kind of external audio device you may connect to your projector relies on its ports—both the quantity and kind—and if it enables wireless connections. We have explained how to connect a projector and speaker in this article.

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