Best Projector Under £300 UK

Best Projector Under £300 UK

Many families are now using a home theatre projector to spice up their living room.

Projectors models with good picture quality, high brightness in ambient light, excellent colour and a top-notch contrast ratio come in handy for a unique home theatre experience.

Here are the best projector under £300 UK you can find in the market.

Projector Under £300 To Purchase In 2022

Here are our 9 best projector under 300 in the UK market.

1. ViewSonic M1+ Portable LED Projector

ViewSonic M1 Portable LED Projector

  • Manufacturer – View Sonic
  • Image contrast ratio – 120000:1
  • Display type – LED
  • Minimum throw distance – 2.66 Metres
  • Native Resolution – 854×480

This ViewSonic M1+ Portable LED Projector is a portable and lightweight projector that weighs 1.7 pounds and has a smart stand that enables 360-degrees adjustment.

The projector uses an LED bulb with 30,000 hours lamp life in eco mode and a wattage of 45 watts. It supports both a floor and table mount

It is easy to stream whatever show you want to watch via its Wi-Fi. You can also use the M1+ as a Bluetooth speaker and its flexible connection supports most media players, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. It contains other input options such as HDMI, USB, and SD card slots.

This projector has built-in dual Harman-Maddon speakers that deliver a room-filling sound, along with a 6-hour built-in battery and 16 GB of internal storage.

The M1+ Projector comes along with a USB Type-C Cable, AC Power Cable, AC Power Adapter, Remote Control & Batteries and Soft Carrying Bag.

Because of its lightweight travel companion, very sharp vivid image and lifelike colours, it is a perfect fit for any lifestyle and the best projector under 300 pounds.


2. Artlii 5G Wifi Bluetooth Projector

Artlii 5G Wifi Bluetooth Projector

  • Manufacturer – ArtliiDirect UK
  • Aspect Ratio – 4:3/16:9
  • Image contrast Ratio –
  • Display type – LCD
  • Native Resolution – 1920x1080p
  • Minimum throw distance – 1.5 Metres
  • Brightness – 340 ANSI lumen

Artlii Energon 2 Native 1080P projector is a HD projector under £300 with a native resolution of 1920×1080 that offers a 4k high-performance immersive movie experience.

It enables wireless streaming through the use of a TV Stick or Roku Stick to connect the projector. It is an ultra-fast 5G Wi-Fi that is supportive of Bluetooth connectivity with speakers, earphones, soundbar, but not with phones or computers. Other connection options include VGA, AV Port, USB, and HDMI.

The projector provides a powerful illumination of 340 ANSI lumens and a zoom function of 60% – 100% as well as a manual ± 15 ° keystone correction. It can be mounted on the floor or tabletop.

The projector comes along with a Projector Bag, Power Cable, Remote Control (No battery), AV Cable, Instructions and HDMI Cable.

Artlii Energon 2 Native 1080P projector utilizes Mstar high-performance home theatre chip with a high image processing capacity that delivers an outstanding picture making it the best choice for indoor and outdoor entertainment for under £300.


3. Vamvo Outdoor Projector 350 ASIN

Vamvo Outdoor Projector 350 ASIN

  • Manufacturer – Vamvo
  • Aspect Ratio – 16:9/4:3
  • Image contrast Ratio – 6000:1
  • Display type – LCD, LED
  • Native Resolution – 1920x1080p
  • Brightness – 7000 lumen

Vamvo Outdoor Projector 350 is a projector with a lightweight of 2.64 kg. It has a built-in HiFi stereo speaker that provides a brilliant audio-visual experience at any time and place without the need to plug in an extra speaker.

The projector supports 4K for a picture and its LED light can last for up to 50,000 hours. It has a manual keystone correction of ±50° and a projection size of 47″ to 300″.

Its flexible device connection allows for audio and video interface with HDMI port, AV port, USB port, VGA port, SD Card Slot and Audio Out. It is compatible with multiple devices including speakers, TV boxes, laptops, PS4 among many others.

The surface of the fuselage supports touch control so it can be used normally without a remote and can be mounted on tabletops.

The projector typically comes along with a Carrying bag, AV Cable, HDMI Cable, Remote and User manual.

The projector native resolution and 4K acceptance allow for a clear, sharp, and stunning visual experience in almost any environment. This makes it an ideal projector for outdoor, business or home entertainment.


4. BIGASUO 1080P HD Bluetooth Projector

BIGASUO 1080P HD Bluetooth Projector

  • Manufacturer – BIGASUO
  • Aspect Ratio – 4: 3/16: 9
  • Image Contrast Ratio – 8000:1
  • Display type – LED
  • Native Resolution – 1920 x 1080p
  • Minimum throw distance – 0.8 Metres
  • Brightness – 8000 lumen

This high-performance projector with a 6-layer LCD technology has a projector size of 30″- 230″. It uses an advance LED bulb that lasts for 75,000 hours in eco mode.

The mini home theatre is portable and has a unique cooling system that prevents overheating. The combination of its manual keystone correction of ±15° and focus function of 70% – 100% allows for a clearer and perfect rectangular image.

BIGASUO projector has built-in 5W Hi-Fi stereo speakers with an SRS sound system providing high-quality sound. Its connectivity is flexible as the projector is equipped with Bluetooth, USB, HDMI, AV, and Micro SD ports. It also enables multiple device connections such as TV sticks, laptops, PS4 etc.

It typically comes along with an AV cable, lens cover, HDMI cable, user manual, power cable, cleaning cloth, remote control, and a projector screen. This sums it as the best projector for under £300.

Its 6-layer lens, high contrast and brightness allow for a sharp image and colour accuracy, providing the best video experience either outdoors or indoors.


5. Epson EB-E01 3LCD

Epson EH-TW740

  • Manufacturer – Epson
  • Image Contrast Ratio – 15000:1
  • Display type – LCD
  • Watt- 50 watts
  • Native Resolution – 1024×768
  • Minimum throw distance – 1.44-1.95
  • Brightness – 3300 lumen

If still looking for the best projector for under 300 pounds, this particular projector is an easy-to-use XGA model that has a unique 3LCD technology. This in addition to its 3300-lumen brightness, makes it provide a very bright light source and a striking presentation that is up to three times brighter than other products. It has an impressive 350-inch display of great quality and a weight of 2.4 kg, making it portable and handy.

It uses an advance LED bulb that lasts up to 12,000 hours in eco mode and a lamp life of 18 years. So, you get to enjoy 18 years’ worth of your money. The projector unit comes along with interfaces VGA in, HDMI in, USB 2.0 Type B. Its 2W built-in speaker makes it audible without any additional speaker.

The projector can be mounted on a floor, tripod, wall, tabletop, or ceiling and is completely hassle-free to set up or change position. Its mode of control is by touch. So, from watching blockbusters on the big screen to hosting business presentations, this XGA projector has a range of features that can suit any of your needs.


6. Artlii Play Projector

Artlii Play Projector

  • Manufacturer – Artlii
  • Image Contrast Ratio – 2400:1
  • Display type – LCD
  • Native Resolution – 1280*720p
  • Display Resolution maximum – 1920*1080P

The Artlii play projector smart projector Android TV 5.0 is a 2.3kg smart projector that is supportive of 4K resolution with an inbuilt android TV 9.0 intelligent System equipped with a T972 processor that works faster and smarter. It has a larger storage space of 2G + 16G along with a pre-installed Google play store and a pre-downloaded Netflix, Amazon Prime Video. Its LED lifetime lasts for up to 50000 hours.

The flexibility in its connectivity enables Wi-Fi and wired connections, along with Bluetooth, AV, and Dolby (AC-3). Its zoom function allows for adjusting in image size from 70% to 100%, along with a manual keystone correction of ± 45° 4D (Vertical & Horizontal)

It usually comes along with a power cable, remote control (No battery), AV cable, instructions, lens cover and HDMI cable

The projector display resolution and contrast ratio make it 60% brighter than ordinary projectors. This way, you can enjoy a more realistic home theatre. Its quality of using it as a Bluetooth projector and Bluetooth speaker independently provides a great sound experience for your outdoor events.


7. OTHA Mini Projector Portable

OTHA Mini Projector Portable

  • Manufacturer – OTHA
  • Display type – LED
  • Native Resolution – 854 x 480p
  • Minimum throw distance – 3 meters
  • Brightness – 150ANSI Lumens

The OTHA Mini Projector Portable, with a lightweight of 0.5 Kg, is a typical outdoor projector with a built-in 5200mAh battery. It has an inbuilt control panel that makes it easy to navigate menus more directly from the device.

The projector has built-in HiFi dual 5W speakers that provide perfect 360° stereo sound effects. Its native resolution and brightness provide for vivid image quality.

This android 9.0 mini-Projector allows for connectivity with various devices using HDMI and USB ports. Phones can be connected to the device using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The projector has a ± 40 keystone correction, zoom function and a 100% offset projection function upwards. This allows for the display of vivid pictures on a cinema screen up to 30-120 inches

The life of the projector’s bulb is approximately 45,000 hours. It is usually mounted on a tripod and controlled by a remote.

The mini projector usually comes along with remote control, power supply, tripod, HDMI cable, carrying case and instruction manual.

So, either for home entertainment, party or camping entertainment, this projector has an excellent visual and acoustic experience and high-definition projection has it all to meet your needs.


8. BACAR Mini Projector

BACAR Mini Projector

  • Manufacturer – BACAR
  • Image Contrast Ratio – 3500:1
  • Display type – LED
  • Aspect Ratio – 16:9/4:3,
  • Native Resolution – 1280x720P
  • Brightness – 6000ANSI Lumens

BACAR 6000 Lux portable Projector that weighs 20 g has a resolution of 720p HD ready pixels and built-in 3w dual stereo speakers with SRS sound system. This provides a great high-quality sound. You can support this by adding external speakers. Its native resolution and contrast ratio allows for a clear and vivid image mimicking a stunning cinematic experience for your home theatre.

The window projector has a ±15° keystone correction and an 80-inch projection screen package that gives the best image quality, especially as it gets darker. It also has an HDMI, AV, VGA, TF Card and USB port that can be connected to any device of your choice. It is typically used while placed on a tripod mount and controlled with a remote.

The projector usually comes along with cables, a tripod stand, carry bag, remote and user manual.

Although this projector is limited to be used as a professional office projector, it is an ideal choice for fits for playing movies, videos, TV series, photos sharing, football matches and playing games etc.


9. AUUNER 5G Wifi Bluetooth Projector

AUUNER 5G Wifi Bluetooth Projector

  • Manufacturer – AUUNER
  • Image Contrast Ratio – 10,000:1
  • Display type – LED
  • Wattage – 133 watt/hours
  • Native Resolution – 1920x1080p
  • Brightness – 8500 Lumen

The AUNNER AR650 4K projector adopts a 6 layers light source that enables the brightness of our Wi-Fi Bluetooth projector to reach 350 ASIN. Its high contrast ratio along with the high brightness provides a vivid, colourful and sharp image to the projection.

This 2.5kg projector allows for wireless connection with Bluetooth speakers or earphones but not with phones or laptops. It has a built-in stereo speaker that provides excellent sound quality without connecting with external speakers.

It also has 5G WIFI screen mirroring that allows synchronizing your smartphone screen by both 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi and allows for adjusting image quality from 75% to 100% by remote control or manually.

Inclusive of this model is also a manual keystone correction vertical±15° and a 75% Digital Zoom function, projected in any size you prefer.

With the large display of 300″ and its flexibility in connecting with other devices such as phones, laptops, USB drives and speakers, that makes it is a perfect choice for outdoor and indoor entertainment.



One would find that going through the projector review, each model is designed to suit a need. Whether for home entertainment, or outdoor entertainment, or business presentations, each projector has its selling point.

The list however simply includes a number of the best projectors under £300 UK perfect for any time, season, or place.


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