Best Projector For Golf Simulator UK

Best Projector For Golf Simulator UK

The article will describe some of the best projectors for golf simulator in the UK, which comes with outstanding audio and video also ensure a theatre-like experience at your home.

We have stated 7 of the best-selling and affordable projectors for golf simulators which may assist our audiences in choosing the most suitable one.

Projector For Golf Simulator TO Purchase In 2022

Here are our 7 best projector for golf simulator in the UK market.

1. ViewSonic PX701-4K

ViewSonic PX701HD

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 31.2 x 22.2 x 10.8 cm
  • Weight: 2.81 Kilograms
  • Hardware interface: HDMI, USB
  • Brightness: 3200 ANSI Lumen
  • Best for long lamp life

The ViewSonic PX701-4K is a fantastic projector ideal for golf simulators. The projector has a long light life, thanks to the latest SuperEco+ mode technology, which increases the lamp life from 15,000 to 20,000 hours, or 4 hours each day for more than 13 years.

With 5ms ultra-fast input and a hyper-responsive 240Hz refresh rate, you can game with a slight lag and seamless viewing of fast-moving objects. The projector’s dimensions are 31.2 x 22.2 x 10.8 cm, and it weighs 2.81 kilogrammes.

The projector produces stunning graphics in genuine 4K clarity, and it also supports HDR and HLG content for more dynamic images. This projector features a 1.1x optical zoom lens that supports horizontal and auto vertical keystone, as well as four-corner adjustment options for mounting versatility and ease of installation in any situation.

With input options like HDMI 2.0b and USB Type-A, it works with most media players, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. The PX701-4K displays bright and crisp images with a brightness of 3,200 ANSI Lumens, allowing you to enjoy sports and gaming whenever and wherever you want. You can effortlessly change and control the projector and image using the remote control system.


2. ViewSonic M1+ Portable LED Projector

ViewSonic M1 Portable LED Projector

Product Specification:

  • Hardware interface: USB
  • Weight: 771.11 Grams
  • Dimension: 3.99 x 14.48 x 12.6 x centimetres
  • Wattage: 45 watts
  • Best for exceptional audio

The ViewSonic M1+ LED projector’s built-in Dual Harman Kardon speakers will create room-filling sounds and provide consumers with an incredible audiovisual experience. You may use popular apps like YouTube, Netflix, and others to make the projector easier to use. The projector’s dimensions are 14.48 x 12.6 x 3.99 cm, and it weighs 771.11 g.

This projector may be connected to a smart device through USB and mounted on the floor or table. You won’t have to adjust or regulate it manually because it comes with a remote control device. The 300 LED lumen brightness allows for vivid projection in various settings.


3. ViewSonic X10-4K

ViewSonic X10-4K

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 16.6x 26.1 x 27.1 x cm
  • Weight:4.08 Kilograms
  • Hardware interface: 802.11 ac/b/g/n
  • Brightness:2400 ANSI Lumen
  • Best for flexible connectivity

The ViewSonic X10-4K is a practical projector with various connectivity options that make it more user-friendly and practical. With input options like 3D HDMI, USB, and more, this projector works with most media players, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices, making it a versatile and easy alternative.

With 125 percent Rec. 709 compatibilities, sharp Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution, and support for both HDR and 3D content, you can enjoy a theatre-like experience at home. The projector’s dimensions are 26.1 x 27.1 x 16.6 cm, and it weighs 4.08 kilogrammes.

You may use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to manage the X10-4K and use it as a Bluetooth speaker. The X10-4K delivers a theatre-like sound experience from the comfort of your own home, thanks to twin integrated Harman Kardon speakers. The high-definition audio output will give you tremendous audiovisual expertise, making your time more joyful.

Adjusting the Focus Ring will help you focus the projection lens accurately and ensure that the projector and screen are appropriately aligned. Adjust the projector’s height and the projection angle and direction, if necessary.

To use the remote, make sure there are no impediments between the small and the projector and that they are within 8 metres (26 feet) of one another. With Aptoide, app centre, connect to Wi-Fi and stream on a massive screen from your favourite streaming sources.


4. BenQ W1720

BenQ W1720

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 35 x 13 x 28 cm
  • Weight: 4.2 Kilograms
  • Hardware interface: VGA, HDMI
  • Brightness: 2000 Lumen
  • Best for superior image quality

Actual 4K UHD Resolution will provide you with outstanding image quality: With 8.3 million distinct pixels, the image quality in 4K UHD is superb, with astonishing clarity and crisply defined details.

The high-definition projection and image will provide you with a better theatre-like experience at home. BenQ’s proprietary Auto HDR Colour Rendition and Cinema-Optimized technology enable Supercharged by HDR10 and HLG.

BenQ Cinema Master Video and Audio 2 technology transform any space into a world-class home theatre, allowing you to enjoy great audiovisual delight at home. The projector’s dimensions are 35 x 13 x 28 cm, and it weighs 4.2 kilos.

The BenQ W1720’s Cinematic Color technology precisely reproduces the Rec.709 colour spectrum for authentic cinema experiences. Furthermore, the W1720’s light, sleek, compact form, together with auto vertical keystone and 1.1X zoom, allows for quick and easy installation.


5. LG CineBeam PF50KS Projector

LG CineBeam PF50KS Projector

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 17 x 17 x 4.9 cm
  • Weight: 1 Kilogram
  • Hardware interface: USB
  • Brightness: 600 Ansi Lumen
  • Best for compact design and lightweight

The LG CineBeam’s simple, compact design makes it easy to take it with you wherever you go since you can carry it in your briefcase or handbag and use it later. The first Full HD battery-powered LG MiniBeam projectors have a 1080p resolution, providing double the image clarity of standard HD projectors for more natural-looking details.

The long-lasting LED light source has a deep, natural colour spectrum and can last up to 30,000 hours. If you used this projector for eight hours a day, the LED light source would last ten years. The projector’s dimensions are 17 x 17 x 4.9 cm, and it weighs 1 kilogramme.

With wireless smartphone mirroring, Bluetooth sound, and a built-in battery that lasts up to 2.5 hours, you can say goodbye to tangled cords. Enjoy movies, pictures, and music by plugging in a USB drive.

You can also use it to work on document files, such as those created by the Microsoft Office package. The USB Type-CTM port allows you to mirror your screen from a compatible laptop, tablet, or smartphone while charging your device with only one wire.


6. Artlii 5G Wi-Fi Bluetooth Projector

Artlii 5G Wifi Bluetooth Projector

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: ‎31 x 26 x 11 cm
  • Weight: 3.53 kilograms
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Brightness: 340 ANSI lumen
  • Best 250-inch big screen

The 44″ – 250″ Artlii wifi bluetooth projector has a 4:3/16:9/Auto aspect ratio, a projection distance of 1.5m-8.5m, and a 44″ – 250″ display. 15-degree manual keystone adjustment It also has a zoom feature that allows you to modify the size of your projection screen manually or via the remote control from 60% to 100%. You don’t have to get up to adjust or change the settings.

The projector with Bluetooth capability can provide you with a fantastic music experience.

This 1080P projector combines a high-performance home theatre processor with a maximum image processing capabilities of 1080P 60Hz, supports H264, H265 video decoding, and Mstar’s patented Advanced colour Engine to deliver incredible picture quality. The projector measures 31 x 26 x 11 cm in size and weighs 3.53 kg.

ArtliiEnergon 2 can display 17 million colours, and altering these three colours and Gamma correction can substantially improve the sensory impression of the picture. It also uses 242 LEDs to create a powerful light source that emits 340 ANSI lumens of lighting. To create a 1080P full HD image, tens of thousands of reflecting lenses rapidly swapped every second. It’s the best solution for both inside and outdoor entertainment.


7. YABER Wi-Fi Bluetooth Projector

YABER Wi-Fi Bluetooth Projector

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 26 x 23 x 11 cm
  • Weight: 3 Kilograms
  • Wattage: 125 watts
  • Hardware interface: HDMI, 3.5mm Audio, USB 2.0
  • Best for the digital zoom mode

You may zoom in and out on the material with the YABER Wi-Fi projector with digital zoom for a more immersive experience. While other LCD projectors modify the projection distance to reduce the projected size, this projector zooms in and out by 50%, depending on your preferences.

With a native resolution of 1080P and three times the pixels of comparable 720P projectors, the V6 is the brightest 1080p projector on the market. It’s also the most affordable 1080p projector on the market. V6 eliminates the need for a PC or laptop by allowing immediate viewing of Excel and PowerPoint files through USB. The projector is 3 kg and is 26 x 23 x 11 cm.

The V6 projector is a 1080p WIFI Bluetooth projector. Compatible with Stick TV/Laptop/Blu-ray DVD player/PS3/PS4/TVbox/Amazon Fire TV/Roku Streaming Stick/Laptop with built-in Bluetooth capabilities and SRS sound system.

This projector works with both iOS and Android systems, and it can use AirPlay, MiraCast, or DLNA to mirror the screen of a compatible smartphone. You may adjust your keystone correction at any angle using the unique 4-Point Keystone Correction.



We hope this article will guide our audiences to pick the best projector for golf simulators in the UK as per their requirements.

The most suitable one will be the ViewSonic PX701-4K because it has long lamp life and excellent brightness.

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